Over the half a century of its own existence, Deft has developed a sizable range of wood coatings that fuse traditional values and modern technology. Its customers continue to be impressed with the great flow, beautiful look, and quality finish that Deft products have become famous for.

Caddo Paint features Clear Wood Finish, Defthane Polyurethane, and Interior Polyurethane Clear Gloss.
Deft Clear Wood Finish - Gloss Brushing Lacquer: Professionals and Do-It Yourselfers know Deft Clear Wood Finish Lacquer is the brand they can trust for an outstanding, fast drying, and easy-to-use finish for any interior wood project.  Today's professionals and ethusiasts alike continue to appreciate its "forgiving nature" and resistance to brush marks, as well as, its crystal clear finish and drying time.
Deft Dethane Polyurethane Interior/Exterior Oil Based 450 G/L - Satin: Defthane Interior/Exterior Polyurethane is an oil modified urethane that gives professional results on a wide variety of wood surfaces.  Defthane provides added protection from water, sun and wind damage. This advance formula contains both UV absorbers and UV inhibitors to deliver excellent ultraviolet protection and help to prevent fading and discoloration.
Deft Interior Polyurethane Clear Gloss: Deft® Interior Polyurethane Water Based Acrylic is an interior water based hybrid coating that provides professional results on a wide variety of wood surfaces. This finish is a clear finish that provides hardness and excellent durability. Deft Interior Polyurethane Water Based Acrylic is ideal for stained or bare wood surfaces including furniture, floors, cabinets, doors, windows, trim, paneling and molding.

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